Charby the Vampirate

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Oh man, I'm so glad to be back!
And yes, I know I do sound bitter but it had to be said, someone was leaving some very nasty comments in my archives before DD went away(I know a few of you who are good friends to me have also mentioned there is too many characters, this isn't referring to you!) I can understand that maybe it's a bit much for some people, but really it isn't neccesary to insult my intelligence in the process. That's just countreproductive because I'll add another one just to spite you ;) no I kid, but I really do have reasons for so many characters but I cannot explain it all coherently or without spoiling things right now.

Anyway, I didn't want to explain too much in this comic about what I'm doing, but here it is. Yes, I'm posting all the old ones, it will take a while. But I'm also tweaking the beginning…yes folks, that means we get a nice bit of backstory on our beloved vampirate Charby! It won't be in color though, since I'm trying to move this along as fast as possible, but it won't be scibbles either. I hope you enjoy it!

And before I go, big big thanks to Wazaga and Ella for helping me out with the comics I lost
(long story) and sending me all those comics I'd lost ^_^ Be sure to say thanks everybody!
Also, my forum is open to guests and a few of the newer pages are up there from where we left off.


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