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My Fairy Laddy


There's probably even other children that Fairy has sired and skipped out on in Kellwood, but it's incredibly rare the Fair Folk are found past the "bubble" (as in, gallivanting around where humans live). Vic and Mort are both Hunters from the Ixian families, so they see right through Velvet's glamour– the one that Kellwood itself puts on most creatures that allows them to hide in plain sight. Of course though he's half human too, so aside from his eyes there's not much else to distinguish him from a "normal man". So the distinction between a Hunter like Mort and his cousin Glen from another part of the family tree is that while Glen sees monsters/supernatural creatures on account of being awakened to their existence, Mort has extra senses he can use to detect them when they're in a disguise not provided by Kellwood's default glamour.

A little reference here/shoutout to one of the comments I got waaay early in my comic, I wish I remembered the name of the person who left this brilliant comment but it's lost to time and got obliterated in the first Major DD Crash Event (and also didn't get copied in the Internet Archives) but it always made me laugh and is among my all-time favorites: (referring to Zeno) "Life just takes his lunch money and makes him eat it– for lunch!"
(Edit time– fixed some stuff, one of the balloons was in a spot I felt might hurt reading order so I moved it)

Victor usually walks to work.

(Vic in his grandmother's auto mobile)

Speaking of being uncomfortable, part of the delay (oh, I always got reasons and excuses but they're good ones!) was after busting our tails cleaning that apartment for a cousin to move in, something got torn in my knee so it was all swollen and couldn't be bent all the way, and since I sit with my legs up on my chair it made sitting long hours for art unbearable. It's still sore but it's on the mend!
Also finished spending every day at another place trying to slather primer on the walls, painting is a bigger chore than we anticipated holy hell. When we finally relented and hired a pro painter they were shocked that we did the prep already for them. I always get hurt when I do housework though, cleaning makes me Hulk angry.

Also, if you're in a good financial place a friend of mine could really use some help, she's getting kicked out of her house and needs to raise funds for a new place for her family to stay. I've known Xade for ages here and don't want to see her end up homeless. Here's a link to her Gofundme if you would be so kind to lend a hand! I realize money is tight for a lot of people (we personally had to drop a lot of stuff we were saving up for so we could donate a good amount) but anything would be appreciated, I'm very worried for her.


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