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Thank You (Again) - DD Awards

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Thank You (Again) - DD Awards

El Cid

Just wanted to say a quick thanks one last time to all of you for helping us get into the Drunk Duck Awards this year. It was a bit late due to the blackout, but things finally did get rolling (that's right, in case you've been under a rock the past couple of weeks, the Drunk Duck Awards ceremony has already pretty much finished at this point). In case you haven't been following it, go check out the awards now:
Death P*rn really cleaned up this year. I guess it was sort of that "Lord of the Rings Effect" going on. You know, how LOTR kept getting nominated but never won anything, and then after the trilogy wrapped up it won like a gazillion awards? Well, whatever it was, this comic won a whopping ten awards: Best Humor Comic, Best Adult Comic, Most Deliciously Offensive, Best Parody/Tribute, Best Comic Layouts, Best Plot Development, Best Protagonist - Carmen, Best Antagonist - Toad, Best Completed Comic, and The Reader's Choice Award.

If you get a chance, swing by the awards comic and check out some of the other winners (though it was mostly a lot of Death P*rn and Keeping Up With Thursday this year). Thanks again! See ya!


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