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Pulsewarriors - Illumid Genesis Part 2

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Pulsewarriors - Illumid Genesis Part 2


Iag continues her recount. Introducing the genesis of the Millesimal.

So! Last week passed by without any update. I got myself engrossed in the writing department of these comics. I've now finally managed to compose a bullepoint-ish info list on everything about the setting these comics takes place in, so I have it all clearly laid out and settled–finally:P

Also I made some flags - on the day before the swedish national day last tuesday fittingly enough - that you can see now on the Altarctica map on my profile representing the five nations of Altarctica.

So that's what I've been up to and the reason why this page didn't pop up sooner. All of my comics are at this point set up as a package deal and I am pretty much just working on whichever aspect of this package deal that happens to be on my mind at any given time.

So updates may happen either following week or the week after, and if the latter is the case you can just assume I'm working a bit more on something else that has to do with the comics, wether it be script writing or something else.

But updates will keep coming. And I'll always keep you informed the best I can. Til' next time.


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