Imsies the Imthology
Issue #1 Cover

Author notes

Issue #1 Cover


This comic anthology is meant to be somewhat of an expansion on Idfestation, as well as the central hub of the Helixfinger Webcomics universe here on the Duck. I've mentioned before how I was planning to have five more comics running beside Molly Lusc and Idfestation. Well, I've decided to cut it down to two more, as I've decided to include those three other stories in this comic instead.

This will include the drug oriented story that I might have mentioned at some point. So four comics in total. The fourth one which I may, with a bit a luck, be able to setup as soon as next week. But we'll see how that goes.

So! First Issue! First cover! Starting with our first "Imsy tale" called "Pulsewarriors".


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