Its way too quiet..

Kaeko on Feb. 8, 2009

COmic: Kaeko's Adventure.

((what do you know, I've started it up yet again))

Scene: Along the dark brick wall, the path was lit by the trail of torches lighting either a way to freedom or a way to the dungeons again. Tai was pretty good with her sense of direction, walking the dirty path infront of the others. None of the three looked in one direction.

“Hey…somethings, really not right..” The coon kept her ears forward, listening for any guards. Goju kept silent then spoke up, “ they'd be after us by now..?” He was more occupied on finding his weapons and gear..

Kaeko kept her eyes behind them, she made sure to keep her ears alert trailing her back to the wall nervously.. Afterall, she didn't recall how she even ended up there.

taitai is first panel
yaiba Goju takes the thoughtful middle section
kaeko cautiously watches the rear making sure they aren't followed