Mutation on June 16, 2007

Comment about Remake: Holy Cow I LOVE this page remade. This is what I get for listening to songs that suit the fate of some characters.
My god I love it.
And the hidden text.
Even the Copywrite symbol

Old Comment:
I skipped ahead, um, and sorry everyone who read before and liked Alix.
(But her story isn't over yet, don't worry. It's just more so Zara's. So, Zara YOINKed the main character spot. It gets YOINKED from her later though. Hehe. n.n )
I made this a while back, but never posted it ‘cause I wanted to get a few pages done first.
Expect updates on Mondays.
(Even thought this isn’t a monday)
I may also skip a day.
It's because I'm pickey about my work. (And am addicted to an online game. PSU)