Mutation on June 17, 2007

Remake notes: This is the remake of page two. Which, wasn't colored before. I like that it has color now. and is dynamic, despite a simple panel setup. That remained the same. Also also! The biggest reason for the Dynamic panel: To show off Zara more! Way more! Look at her beautiful unscared face.
Man, and I learned a new way to do shineys

Previous notes:

Okay, I just really really really wanted to get this page up so you all could see Zara, and Trina
And thus Alixixi has been unsurped from her main character position. By dieing. n.n
But… who is this that she's fighting?!
Le gasp!
By the way, Trina = Kitten with Green hair and a tan.
Zara = cat with Blue ponytail and serious boobs. She doesn't act or dress sexy though.