S/He's the protist kingdom of the god world

Demeter on April 3, 2006

Um…Hi…*cricket chirp* OH, GOD, I'M SORRY FOR THIS LAME PAGE! SORRY-SORRY-SORRY-SORRY! I'LL TRY TO BE BETTER IN THE FUTURE! I'M SORRY ANDRE! I APOLOGIZE TO THE WORLD!!!…gosh, I sound just like Ritchan from Furuba when I do that. anyway, welcome to the first page! yes, this is my first serious attempt at a comic. can't you tell?

the god/dess in the last panel is a hermaphrodite of the classical style, for the record. I don't think anyone I showed it to laughed at this page untill they read the ‘deistic naughty bits’ part. I feel bad about a lot of things, in case my screaming didn't make it apparent. I feel bad about Andre(the black haired guy)'s face. Not just his eyes, but the shape of it. Oh, and I feel bad for the god/dess for having such bad furniture. S/he doesn't care much, though. Oh, and I apologize for my lettering. I was using a brushpen until the last 3 panels. And I have fine motor difficulties.