oh, is that the only thing?

Demeter on April 5, 2006

my second page! *smiles* When I showed it to my school-friends, they all laughed but found it creepy. I think the entire story thusfar might be a bit like that, then. I'm just trying to show you what Andre's like! Oh, and if you want to know where the backgrounds went? They were eaten. By the background-eating monster.
If given the choice between a human and a merperson, he'd pick a human. But the only way he sees to meet a girl from all of this is if she's a merperson, so he fits his fantasy to it. If he would have seen a human girl lying in the road, he would have pictured the same fantasy(or a different but simmilar one) involving people.
But what sort of merking goes around bald, really?