Preteens Scare the Living Shit Out of Me

Kittywitch on March 23, 2017

Now that this much time has passed, it's perfectly likely that Crispin could have been named after Crispen Freeman. And the more time that passes without anyone ageing, except the jokes, the more likely it becomes.
However, the less likely it becomes that his father was a porn star in the 1970s-1980s. This is legitimately his backstory, Crispin's father starred in parody porn movies in the late twentieth century, and that's not related to why his parents are divorced.

And here we have Catholic Pedophilia again. Looks like they decided on a band name. Aren't they adorable.
There was a slight hitch in getting this comic done as I realised I haven't designed the set for this strip yet. I like really detailed backgrounds. I made them my trademark in comics based off of me. And then I came up with original characters and had to make original sets to go with them. Darn it.
Also, Crispen's name comes up. I feel I should explain this. I'm not really sure how it actually works out in the comic, with him being fourteen; but Crispen is named after Crispen Freeman. *looks up when Crispen Freeman started acting*
Since he got out of college in ‘94, and Crispen is fourteen, it was entirely possible there was fangirling involved. Yay!

I really think I’m a better artist than a writer. I can write a scene fine, but my strip-type comics are lame and somewhat verbose.