Page 239

Kristen Gudsnuk on June 10, 2009

Woot! Just finished this page in a flurry. I drew and inked most of it before I went to bed last night, and got up (at 1:30!!! heeehheee!! shhh don't tell my parents!) and finished it up. *sigh* this comic is so much fun to do. It's like, you know how they say, ‘if you don’t know what to write… write what you'd like to read, but isn't written yet.' Hah, I don't think if you asked me, ‘what are you DYING to read?’ I'd say ‘a manga about assassins filled with bishounen..’ but somehow I love doing this comic anyway. I think it's cause I like my characters (rather than my “plot”.) Maybe because I generally hate the girls in manga ('ooh I'm so pretty and popular and perfect and nice!!') so because Eve is really just a better-looking, in-shape version of me, (and of course I love me) I like her. Because she's a little pathetic, overly sensitive, overly enthusiastic, and prone to crying. And while she's much more popular with the menfolk than I am, she's still constantly getting rejected. Even her little kiss with Tom didn't really lead anywhere.

There's this manga called Skip*Beat that I've always really liked (a testament to my Skip*Beat love: I've read like 17 volumes… and that's been through the course of like 3 years, meaning my interest has never waned!) and it's because Kyoko, the main character, is not popular with men, women or anything, she's largely unsuccessful in her career, and she's angry and untrusting, and everyone's always like, ‘she’s not so pretty.' although lately, the standard-bishounen in the comic are being like, ‘I never noticed how sexy she is…’ but that's bound to happen in a shoujo manga. (sad face)

wow, a lovely tangent about nothing. OMG I've already finished page 2~4~0!! wow, it's like I'm making up for the years and years of hiatus. oh I should really work on The Optimist, but I was thinking I should take it slow with that one, since it's a finite comic. ALSO, I think this one is more fun, because it's a lot sillier, and more dramatic (in a soap-opera sort of way).

Man this comic used to get so many hits, wha' happened? lol it's all my fault. also I have to make a new banner for misfas to put on my forum-signature. D: but what should the banner be?!

any suggestions on what I should do for a banner???

I love you guyz, your comments make me happies!!