Page 240

Kristen Gudsnuk on June 11, 2009

Come hell or high water, I'm updating The Optimist tonight. This upcoming page has taken me sooo much time even though it's only 4 panels.. oh man. I don't want to spoil the surprise though (although now that I've called it a surprise, it's gonna be a let-down… D:!!! lol.) It's the least I can do as a sort of ‘thank ye.’
hm, I really liked how Zombie came out in panel 1; it's a bit of a Maki Murakami throwback. Now that I think of it, I think I subconsciously steal a lot from her- she's the creator of Gravitation. I recently re-read that series and it seems to have seeped into my subconscious. hehe!!
Also panel…5! if I could draw every character in this manga with that expression, I would. it would be a very happy-looking comic. lol!!

Ok, I've gotta talk to max so I've gotta keep this short. Aww max!! I asked him if there's a way to copy computer games (aka Sims 3) and he was like, ‘yeah, you just need special discs.’ And I had told my sister prior to this, ‘there’s definitely a way to copy it; max would probably know.' for some weird reason I find it so heartwarming that he does! he knows just about everything about computers!! it's insane!! I miss him but I'm not too D: because I'm gonna see him in a week!!! W00t!! I'm gonna see Camera Obscura in concert!!!!! JOYOUS GLORIOUS LOVELINESS!!!

ok ttyl! I won't be updating tomorrow probably, but.. hahah who knows, right??

btw my dogs got sprayed by a skunk!!!!

and I am updatin the “look” of this site soon… I already did a new bg!!!