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Kristen Gudsnuk on June 16, 2009

I'll give you a hint: “Poor, all my life I've always been poor. I keep asking God what I'm for. And he tells me gee, I'm not sure. Sweep-that-floor-kid, oh! I started life as an orphan, a child of the streets…” (yup I am a theatre nerd too.)

Hey guys!! what's up. Oh man, I gotta finish my page of the optimist (gruhh it's so boring cause I have to sit there and wait for the paint to dry!!!!) so I'll keep this note short.

Here's a new page. I worried that Leif would seem out-of-character doing this stuff, but.. idk. He remembers Zombie liking to be almost-dead (like last time! a whole… 100 pages ago!!) so maybe he thinks he's doing Zombie a favor.

I discovered who MoonPearl is… MY LITTLE COUSIN!!! heLLO MOONPEARL!!!
At my mom's birthday party last saturday, my cousin revealed that she indeed was moonpearl… which was uproarious because my brother and I were like, “Who IS this moonpearl person anyway??”
Anyway, being around my little cousins is a total ego boost/blast, cause they a.) are very sweet to me and b.) love my comic! So usually when someone asks me what my comic's about, if I say over ten words, their eyes glaze over. (I've gotten it down to an art: “manga about political assassins funny romantic action dramatic online.” sounds more like tags, but lol.) BUT my cousins, they're like, “so tell us how Leif became an assassin!” And I tell them the whole thing in extravagant detail and they actually like listening about it!! My aunt was like, “Girls we have to go soon” and they were like “Noo but we wanna hear about Zombie's tragipast!” Literally this happened. I love them *heart*heart*heart*heart!*
my little brother, too, is a bit like that, but with a shorter attention span.

Anyway… ohh you know what I was thinking? Zombie's past is very long (with reason– he is 300 years old!) so maybe I'll do a whole chapter of his past? Or better yet, maybe when I'm done, I'll do a “one last hurrah” Zombie edition??

Food for thought. Cause the whole “antarctica” part (hah you guys don't know what I'm talking aboutttt *gloats*) is probably too long and esoteric to really fit in with the misfas chronicles.

Anyway, see you soonz


ok! I did a cool drawing of eve that's in the middle of coloring!! I just need help deciding a background!! so go to this thread and give me your opinion, sil vous plait!