Slippy and Alice
The End.

Author notes

The End.


Well, this was my "The End" page for "Copperheads," but here it sorta serves two purposes…

S&A was a comic I used to do, and pretty much haven't done anything with for several years now. Copperheads was the last S&A thing I was able to dig up, so I'm pretty much wrapping this up here.

I found all the S&A toons I could, so this probably won't update again unless I find more 'lost episodes' (hehe) or get a wild hair to do another comic. I've sort of moved on though.

So…hope you enjoyed the Gals. I am sure they won't disappear completely–there are plenty of opportunities for them to spring up in an Antcomic or a Compozer episode!

Thanks for reading (Slippy and Alice thank you alsssssso) :o)

I thought this page was a good way to bring closure.

Don't worry, you'll stil lhave The Doc, the Ants and the Compz, so no need to ;_; hehehe


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