SICD:TAS Episode 2!!!

webcomics heh on Nov. 7, 2009

AW HELLS YEAH! They said it couldn't be done but we went and did it anyways because I'm not gonna let THE MAN tell me how to run my webisodes made with a cracked copy of Flash.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the prize* because I've utilized some prime frontal lobe action to germinate ideas in the crucible of my cortex to bring you some hella rad kickin' storylines. And maybe a few more surprises along the way. Heh.

And if any of you are thinking about bitching, “HALLOWEEN WAS WEEKS AGO WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” you should seriously shut your trap. The Simpsons pull that shit all the time and nobody gives them any grief over it.

Btw, theme music “borrowed” from the Legion of Rock Stars…

*The “prize” being SICD. Aka, THE BEST DAMN WEBCOMIC EVER.