Book 1, Page 8

SuperDuckyWho on Aug. 2, 2009

Um… *cough* Been gone a while. Sorry. Sort of graduated form college and have been in a big slump/location limbo/Torchwood depression (don't wanna go into that last one and further in case someone hasn't seen season 3 yet).

Anyways. Here's the next page. Like I said… or at least I think I said… I don't know how regular I'll be able to post, especially now since my scanner decided to eat it's own face and I'm now using my Dad's. There probably wouldn't even be this page but Sahazima gave me a friendly DrunkDuck PM and pushed me over that “I really wanna draw but I don't know if spending all that time on it is worth it in the end” edge. ^ ^;

Same medium as the previous pages, but I bought new supplies, so the colors may be slightly different… and I actually remembered how to use chalks after going nuts with them on various self given projects… so this is probably what the rest of this part will look like, and was actually what it was supposed to look like but I just failed terribly. One day I may go back and change the previous pages.

I promise the story is going somewhere, I even have it all planned out, so bear with my slowness. *bows repeatedly*