SuperDuckyWho on July 27, 2006

So, I figure most places I put stuff like this up on would kill me with “What the hell, get rid of that crap!” Don't worry too much. I'm just testing my boundaries here, and this will probably be the most errotic this thing'll get (which isn't saying much though). I do have pictures of blatant sexish acts, but I'll always post uber-graphic stuff in another place and just link it from here (with warnings and the like).

I didn't see anything against suggestiveness in the rules and terms, so I'm just seeing if stuff'll come out of the woodwork or not. If any mod type person wants this down I will comply as soon as I can. Of course, that also means I'll have to yet again move my comic elsewhere, but that's how it'll just have to be.

If any non-mod wants it moved however, too bad. I don't cave in to random comments of “EWw! OMGZ1! U Fagg0r5!”

Anyways, I'm starting back at college on the 22nd, so I should be able to start soon after that. Granted, thats if the damned campus connection doesn't decide it hates life… like it usually does.