#24 - "Spy Gal" by Marisa

Brock on June 30, 2008

Back when SF was just starting I ran a contest for fan art with the first prize winner getting a special drawing of them with their favorite SuperFogey. This was such early days that I don't think a single fan of SF was actually a cartoonist, whereas now there are lots of great cartoonists that are big SF fans.

So it was to my delight that I received this pic of Spy Gal from Marisa. I like how unique her line work is and that even though it is very abstract, you can still tell immediately who it is.

Below is the pic I drew of Marisa standing next to Spy Gal. My design for Spy Gal is not quite right, but it does keep with the way she appears in the first chapter, which is about the time this contest was run.


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