Book 5 Page 3

EmeraldCity on Oct. 20, 2009

Is this it? Will someone save Jin at the last second? And just what the heck is going on?

I love this opening scene, and no not because I don't have to letter…really I swear!

Really Jason just blows me away with this these pages. I remember the planning stages and me going through my whole thing “there will fog creeping through the door crack and things glowing magically and I'll get a pony for Christmas” and so on. Then Jason takes my ranting into consideration but knows I need room for dialogue and so on. But in these scenes he really could make it all happen and then some! (we'll see about the pony in a couple of months) I am fully blown away by these and I can't stress that enough.

Another thing while there isn't much font on this page (still more than the last page!) I wanted to play around with displaying some different emotion within the font; so take a look and tell me what you think.

Anyways hope you are enjoying book 5 so far and any feedback you have for us is always welcome!