Grand Meridian

Amelius on July 13, 2017

Comic is a little late this afternoon because I had to catch a secret archive up to a certain point (I'm surprised nobody found it before now or if they did, I wouldn't know because hardly anyone comments lately, those of you who do are the ones keeping my shriveled motivation alive!)
You wanna know who she is? It's a quick read up to her intro, but we met her in the Patreon comic Vagabonds(this archive has only half of what's on Patreon right now, but Patreon's archive reading is the WORST so I'm posting the old stuff slowly on its own site)

Those of you who are well read up on my CTV-related posts already know what this means for Fernando– he's something called a Nevling! I will let the comic explain what THAT is rather than post an info-wall here! I'm sure at least someone thought his pointy ears, hair antenna and magical undead-raising powers were unusual for a mere zombie… once we really get into it, it's gonna explain SO MUCH!

Well, I can certainly say I'm glad I didn't give up on this comic before we got to this reveal. It would have been lame to just drop that as an aside in some throwaway post.