A Revolutionary Halloween!

Queen Outsider on Oct. 29, 2009

Yay! I love Halloween!

I'm using this style from now on. I'll be editing the pages I've got sooner or later. Mine was a poor attempt at semi-anime…

Anyways, just so there's no confusion, I'll give a who's who, and what they're dressed up as.

Starting from bottom right:

America - Not sure… but she has a star on her hat!!! ^^
1st row:
France - Carrie White (inside joke, for those of you who go to SHS)
England - Legolas
Japan - Pikachu ^^
Russia - Grim Reaper (Another inside joke)
2nd row:
Italy - Gangster
Spain - Pirate
Germany - Narwhal (Yet another joke, PLEASE don't ask…)
Mexico - Day of the Dead skull facepaint
3rd row:
China - Dragon (how he moves in it, I'll never know…)
Canada - Mr. Butterworth (Maple Syrup, eh?)

Once again, Happy Halloween! Hope you get my pun!