Filler) Evoloution of sprites

Warspritecomic on Sept. 5, 2007

Yea yea. A filler. I just havn't got the energy to make any comic so most likely no update for VGC (even though I've already drawn it)

Anyways For the next week or so I'm going on an ‘Ask the WoW’ lot of strips. So basically I need your help. What you need to do is either PQ me or email me with a question you would like to give to any member of the World of War, including the (now called) Soké (used to be sosanasuke. Changed his name) and even Quill (my author character, shown here) and I will answer it. It doesn't matter what question you ask, whether it's serious, random or funny I'll still make a strip for it.

Anyways my email is perran_826(@)hotmail(.)com
Just remove the parenthesis.