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❤❤❤NSWF artist/writer looking to collab with like-minds❤❤❤
Sticky Sheets at 5:46AM, Feb. 5, 2011
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Hi guys :> I've improved, I think, since the comics I posted here so long ago. (and I'm medicated now, for extra stability–Woo~!)

Artist/writer (of the nekked variety) looking to collaborate with other like-minded individuals (especially economics/business people because I lack those skills the most, and frankly I'm poor and the ero-entertainment industry grosses over 13 billion dollars annually, so…so yeah. The oldest form of communication; SEX equals MONEH.)

Not Safe For Work art sample (which means you better be 18+ before you click the link!) here:

Email me at tsutekhi (at) gmail (dot) com If you're interested in a slice of some sort.
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