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Artist/Co-Writer Wanted for Science Fiction Action
Hero at 1:52PM, May 14, 2008
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Ok, I usually don't get a lot of good response from these things, but I figure it's still worth a shot.

Right now I've got two projects I'm working on that could benefit from the assistance of an another artist/co-writer:

Bonzai Monster Hunters- An adventure comic about a young boy and his family of adventurers seeking out strange and dangerous monsters in exotic locales.

Raiza Fall- A Sci-Fi comic about robots, androids, genetic engineering and espionage. PM/PQ me or post here if you're seriously interested in one or both.
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sukoto at 3:04PM, May 15, 2008
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hey i'm curious to know whats Raiza Fall about. i'm on break till the 29th of june and could assist in the storyline ?

lets all be friends..that way we can strive off each others fire
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