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Over here at Ed Comics and the Man-Boys! comic ( we've brought back something that gives the readers a chance to be part of our work:

"Maybe Darrell Knows…" (first example: Man-Boys! strip #082)was started as a column on the original S.P.a.Z. website that is no longer in existence, so we decided to bring it back with an all new visual glory & glam (hence the Carnac style headdress). So yeah… this is a column that is all about the readers. You write in questions for Darrell, and then, if yours is chosen, you get to be a part of the strip (maybe even drawn in if we get your pic). You can ask your questions via PQ, this forum, or e-mail to

The only rules are:

1. Make it random, interesting, and/or funny.

2. Keep it clean enough for a PG-13 audience.

3. Include your first name & where you are from.

This is not so much a contest as it is a way to be part of our comic strip. So yeah, start sending the questions. Oh, and asking Darrell for a date IS allowed… just remember, he likes Women & Macs.

Rock out with yo' comics out!

Ed Comics