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Been here for ages, but...
Aussie_kid at 3:47AM, Feb. 2, 2006
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Why not. Hi, I'm Aussie_kid. I like drawing comics even though I can't draw. My most popular comics are usually my sprite ones since I don't draw those so people aren't deterred.
I used to have comics on the old DD but they were drawn on MS Paint since I didn't have a scanner or any other art program. These comics sucked, but can be seen on, even though they're mostly on hiatus
Photoshop and my scanner hate me. Every time I save a file under photoshop, it either gets really big or won't load on DD. My scanner will only scan things that are weighted down and flat

And now I'm done with ranting. As for the poll, I was just curious

Until next time
The Aussie Kid
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