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Randal at 8:49AM, Dec. 29, 2007
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I like using reference points when I draw and I'm looking for some people to help me out as character models with specific poses for the main characters in a comic I'm developing. (and obviously it would be more helpful if you had or could fake certain items of attire.) They are as follows;

Jane: teen aged girl who wears a a hoodie over a tee and either baggy or bell bottomed jeans and converse All Stars. (I have All Stars which I can reference, so that's not really a requirement.) She also wears a knit cap and is pretty good with a skateboard… though a potential model wouldn't have to be. *Helpful optional props: skateboard, snowboard and an electric guitar*

Diamante: 25-40yo ex-luchador. (based on Don Quixote) wiry thin Hispanic male. wrinkly trench coat, smokes cigarettes, has sideburns. He wears all black casual wear (jeans, t shirt, unbuttoned button down shirt, some kind of boots and, when fighting, the mask of a luchador with a large diamond pattern. (something that can be made/faked or purchased by me)

Those are the two main people I'm looking for. You wouldn't need to be a teenager as long as you can pass for one to be Jane… nor do you have to be 25-40 to be Diamante… nor do you necessarily need to be hispanic. (but it couldn't hurt… :D) You needn't be a smoker either, as long as you don't mind inhaling off a fake cigarette.

If you're interested in modeling for characters, but don't fit those descriptions, feel free to apply anyway, as there are more than two people in the comic… those are just the main characters. (In the off chance you are reading this and happen to have dwarfism (or know somebody who does), Diamante's traveling companion (his Sancho Panza) does as well and I would love it if I had a proper model for him.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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