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bluebot092 at 8:14AM, June 12, 2007
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rules: easy just do one of the things i say you can do and ill tell you what happens if you die you have to start over

story: you wake up in the woods full of fog you cant remember much about what happend your life your familey or not much of anything just then you see a shadow in the fog it gets clearer. its a man in a black coat hat and everything he is holding a breif case and says to you “hello my good sir in this breif case contains some items youll need that may help on your memory” he looks like he cant be trusted but he may be a big help but there is a stair case that may lead some where

1.ask him who is he to get more info on him
2.try to make a run for it into the stair case and escape the old man
3.tell him youll take the breif case

good luck!
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