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Creations Dropdown for fan/sci-fi worlds!
warofwinds at 12:32PM, Jan. 15, 2006
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This dropdown list is for any epic comics on any host who have created their own world whose rules are different than Earth's, or who have also spent the time creating a full history of their world. This could be magic use, different rules of physics/nature, or also could include those who, like myself, have put many hours into creating an entire world (past/present/future) . Different races do not really count, nor do furry or elf comics, unless the very basics of their world are different, or in their creation, you have made an entire unqiue history. This isn't a casual list of comics simply set in another environment. It's more for people who have tried to play god and created a new world.

I'm hoping that those who have put so much effort into their world have also put forth that effort in their art. Please do not submit stick-figure comics, comics on lined paper, or ones that just look unfinished. Respect those on the list with you.

To join, give me your:

Name of the comic
Reason why you should be included (like an example or something).

Once I add you, please copy and paste this script somewhere in your main or links page.
<script language="javascript"

Comics so far:

The War of Winds
Emergency Exit
Undead Friend
The Rift
Helios' Forsaken
Circle Arcadia: Knights of the Goddess

Don't want to post it here? E-mail it to me at

Note: I will be randomizing this list as soon as i get a chance. Time had been stretched thin lately. ><
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warofwinds at 12:27PM, Jan. 25, 2006
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joined: 1-17-2006
I'm going to bump this since a bunch of comics have rejoined DD recently. Now's the time to sign up. There are some really popular comics on the list..not my own, but Juathuur and EE? Yeah.
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