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Krensada at 2:17PM, Nov. 5, 2007
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Read these rules carefully before playing.

His name is Danny. Danny is completely immortal. even if you cut his head off he grows a new one. even if your fry every molecule in his body by throwing him into the sun he cannot be killed. Danny Is a coward. Danny is a Genius with an IQ of 500. Danny is your puppet to do with what you please. And your whim is Danny's world. Your job is to be Danny and think about what he will do next. Type down what he does next and it is the next person's post to react to that post with his own part of the adventure. Again DO NOT POST UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE RULES AND HAVE READ EVERY POST AFTER THIS ONE! that way you can keep up with Danny's story

1.there is no way to make Danny mortal.
2.There is no end to Danny.
3.Danny is not superhuman in any way except his IQ and the fact that he is immortal.
4.try not to be obscene with Danny as there are children wandering this forum.
5. have fun and try to make the weirdest adventure possible for Danny.

That's all.

I will start out with Danny being in a locked room with absolutely nothing in the room. The room has wooden panels and has a hardwood floor. the ceiling seems to be made out of cement. Danny is wearing a red T-shirt, blue pants, Sneakers, and a watch that is out of batteries, and is carrying a length of rope over his shoulder that is 15 feet long. There is only one door in this room made of Wood and has a brass doorknob. The room is lit by one light that is fixed in the ceiling.

Who knows what is outside the door.

What will Danny do next?
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ssbguy at 2:51PM, Nov. 5, 2007
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slowly, the door opens to reveal an abnormally tall man wearing a long trenchcoat. he closes the door behind him as a click is heard from the other side, signalling that it has been locked. Danny whirls around to face the man as he pulls a metal bat from his coat. Danny quickly fashions a type of swinging weapon by knotting the rope several times in the same spot, near the tip of the rope. the two get ready for the soon-ensuing brawl.

what happens next?
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imshard at 5:31PM, Nov. 5, 2007
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The tall man hands Danny the bat and tells him “hey man I gets some socks on for those sneakers you're gonna be late for tryouts” Danny whimpers being the coward that he is and says “I don't wanna go there'll be a lot of people” the abnormally tall man (Danny's Roommate) The roomate snorts and says “whatever Give up your chance at the bigs” with that he leaves the apartment
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