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Dark Vs Light
Aussie_kid at 9:53PM, Sept. 1, 2006
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Which do you prefer and why?
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Skulldog at 10:08PM, Sept. 1, 2006
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Dark and Serious. But not so dark it turns into characters bitching about who has the most traumatic past.

Humor is much harder to do RIGHT, so I find there's a lot of poorly done comics that only fall into humor.
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Inkmonkey at 11:40PM, Sept. 1, 2006
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I like a mixture of both, because then you get things like Firefly.
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ozoneocean at 12:02AM, Sept. 2, 2006
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Or LEXX, the best SciFi show EVER.
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hat at 12:34AM, Sept. 2, 2006
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Happy and funny. I don't know about yall, but I enjoy a good laugh.
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suzi at 5:45AM, Sept. 2, 2006
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Dark and funny. Hands down.
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Terminal at 7:27AM, Sept. 2, 2006
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Dark and happy.

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Hero at 7:49AM, Sept. 2, 2006
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Yeah, I'm voting with a mixture of both. If there's a comic with a really heavy subject matter, it's nice to have it broken up with a little comedy. That's why they invented Comic Relief.
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AQua_ng at 8:20AM, Sept. 2, 2006
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Happy and funny. I don't enjoy drama that much.

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Jillers at 9:25AM, Sept. 2, 2006
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Dark and funny - I like it when serious things can be made funny.
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magickmaker at 5:47PM, Sept. 2, 2006
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“Well I'm just off to paint my nails and listen to My Chemical Romance…. arg… memories… returning…”

EDIT: oh yeah, and no capes and long hair either, thankyou-very-much.

Heh, two of my female characters have really long hair. One of them is obsessive and the other's a psychopath, but neither of them are agnst-y. No capes, though.

I like both light humour and dark humour. I'm not a fan of over dramatic comics. There's only so many times you can say “gasp!” Dark humour is awesome, though.
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subcultured at 6:02PM, Sept. 2, 2006
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i like reading dark comedic stories; 100 bullets, preacher, the authority, and the punisher. ennis, azarello, and ellis are the best writers for making something that's not suppose to be funny…funny.

my comic is kinda like that, since I like to create what I like to read.
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Kiara at 6:15PM, Sept. 2, 2006
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I actually like both equally, as long as they're done right. Comedy is hard to do correctly, and I really respect those who can churn out really good comics strip after strip.
However, I also really like how comic stories string together really nicely, and as long as emo!orbs don't follow the characters around, I actually kind of like the darker stories that make you think.
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Comicmasta at 6:16PM, Sept. 2, 2006
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I like dark and serious

Yet i also like funny

I like Dark and funny.
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Ian Jay at 10:37PM, Sept. 2, 2006
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Wow. The black comedy genre certainly is winning here. Personally, though, I favor a funny story with serious bits sprinkled in over a serious story with funny bits sprinkled in.

Or maybe I mean a light-hearted story with dark parts sprinkled in? What about a dark chocolate story with jimmies sprinkled in? …Whatever. It's difficult for me to think of things in plain blacks and whites. Anyways, a good story should make you laugh, but also make you think all the while. It shouldn't let too much angst or hubris get in the way.

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