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Drunk Duck Special Event: Another Nontest!
carly_mizzou at 2:52PM, April 10, 2007
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Hello Everyone!
It's that time again! …time for what? Well another nontest! (YAY) But golly gosh Easter's over and there's not another quirky holiday for months! Whatever will our theme be? How about….

A Drunk Duck Civil War Fan Art Nontest

But it's *so* much cooler that just that! From the entries we receive, 6 winners will be chosen and their DD Civil War fan art will be available as a wallpaper to download on your mobile phones FOR FREE! Read below for rules and entry info.

Entry Format:
All art must somehow be DD Civil War related. All characters and side projects are welcome, BUT if using characters other than Zac and Riot you must have the original creator's permission. (Just ask ‘em! it’s the nice thing to do!) As always NO LICENSED CHARACTERS.

All entries MUST be
500 X 500 pixels
around 76 DPI (no print resolution!)
JPG or GIF format.

**Super Bonus Tip**
So you have no idea how to format stuff for mobile phones? Use our template to see how your entry will be cropped on various phones! <- .PSD Document (right click and save as)

Any entries that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered! NO exceptions. (Follow the directions, yo!)

Submitting your Entry:

E-mail Nontest entries to:
**This address is for entries only.
There is a thread specifically for Civil War Nontest questions.
Send your entry as an e-mail attachment.
For your entry to be considered you must include the following info in your e-mail:
Drunk Duck user name
Real name
e-mail address.

Optional: if you have comic(s) on Drunk Duck include a link. If you win we're gonna wanna show you off!

And yes, YOU CAN submit multiple entries, and you can send multiple entries in one e-mail (just watch the file size)


This contest will run from 4/10 and will close 4/21 at midnight (Friday night)
The winning entries will be available for download at: on 4/23

6 winners total will be chosen.
They will be chosen by our 6 nontest judges.
Each judge will choose 1 winner.
Judging is solely based on each judge's personal taste.
Our panel of judges this time is:
Volte6 - Lord of the Duck
Carly Mizzou - DD Admin/Platinum Convention Lady
Matt - Digital - Content Specialist; Platinum Studios
Howard - Vice President Digital Publishing; Platinum Studios
And our celebrity judges…
Zac and Riot (Hoorah)

Now hurry up and get to it! This nontest only runs for 10 days and we wanna see all of your Drunk Duck Civil War art! (Who are you with?)
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carly_mizzou at 9:54AM, April 24, 2007
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Sorry we're running a little late on the judging. The response (and entries) were so good we decided to leave the submissions open through the weekend. Judging will be finished today, and the winners will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for your patience guys.
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Eviltwinpixie at 9:13AM, April 28, 2007
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Does anyone know when the results are going to be announced? I didn't get chance to enter, but I'd love to know who won and see the entries.
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carly_mizzou at 7:36PM, April 29, 2007
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Hello Everyone!
Note to self: Allow at least 1 (one) week for future nontest judging (sorry guys)
Below are the results of the Civil War Fan Art Nontest! But first, how you get these on your phone:

1. On your phone, in your browser visit:
2. The wallpapers are located off the front page under: Wallpapers; Platinum; Civil War Nontes
3. Simply click the link of wallpaper(s) you like and save to your phone!

So now for the results!


By Marina Guenther
I chose the marina2 one. The one where I'm doing the heart thing with my fingers.


By David Olson
I'm going to go with David_Olsen.jpg. I really like the actiony team-pose, and the colors are great. It just has a really cool comic book feeling overall.

Volte6: (Dylan)

By Robert Toombs
Love the tone, great art, and would look kick ass on a phone!

Howard K. Brodwin (VP Digital Publishing)

By Jenny Lui
I have selected Jenny Lui's because I believe it best ties together the theme of Drunk Duck and the knock-down, drag-out, battle royale that we have come to embrace as the Civil War.

Plus, it looks like Zac has on a pink bra over his black t-shirt.

And his hair is nice.

Carly Mizzou (Creepy Lady):

By Bran LeFaye
This was a tough one as I had *two* favorites, but I decided to go with Bran LeFaye's Stab for the Cause . I like the dark tone and character design. That chic looks just as psycho as I am, BRILLIANT!

Matt Jacobs (Digital Content Guy)

By Tom Rainford
Tom Rainford wins my vote for best Civil War background. The art is clean with vibrant colors and the character collage gives a sense of excitement and action, which to me is what the Civil War is all about. Great work!

I will post comics/usernames tomorrow, as well as a few of the runner ups. A big thanks to everyone who entered, it was a lot of fun for all to check out your DD Civil War wallpapers.
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Zac at 8:23PM, April 29, 2007
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Yay! They're up :D

Wow, I apparently didn't give a reason for my choice. I chose it because I felt it captured my overall stance of “love” in the Civil War, and it's uber adorable.
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Black_Kitty at 9:47PM, April 29, 2007
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Marina's is indeed adorable~

And YAY! Thanks so much! I'm a bit surprised that mine was picked! Thank you!

Can't wait to see the runner-ups. :D
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subcultured at 9:53PM, April 29, 2007
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zac is the most drawn out DD member :)
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darius22 at 8:14PM, April 30, 2007
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I am like, sooo bord

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carly_mizzou at 4:45PM, May 1, 2007
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Bored?! BORED!? who's bored? Not I! as I have runner upers!

GO GO Fighting Icon Force!
As done by Big Fish:

Jennifer Dowd:



Rpg Crazed:

Marina Guenther:

Bobby Sutton:

Stone Evans:

and that's all I'm going to post for now. There were so many great pieces of art submitted, again thanks everyone!
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BigFishComic at 6:03PM, May 1, 2007
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…actually, we're the fiercesome icon fivesome or something like that. I forget why we're spelled fiercesome. Maybe to stress the point that we are so fierce.

Fighting Icon Force sounds a hell of a lot cooler though. Maybe we should get a name change.

I liked suzi's wallpaper!!
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SpANG at 2:09PM, May 2, 2007
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Wow! These are great guys! The amount of talent at this site never fails to amaze me!
“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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carly_mizzou at 5:38PM, May 3, 2007
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Yes we had loads of fun judging. It was great a few even made my boss laugh himself to tears (it was great!)
We will be having another nontest soon! Maybe something to focus on of the writers here. (in comics isn't it the artists that get all the fun?)
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robamphetamines at 10:47PM, May 3, 2007
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thanks for picking mine :)

congrats to all the winners and runner's up!
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strong414bad at 12:55PM, May 5, 2007
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Volte6: (Dylan)

By Robert Toombs
Love the tone, great art, and would look kick ass on a phone!

Woah! Kingdom Hearts!
Why hello there.
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robamphetamines at 10:37PM, May 5, 2007
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Woah! Kingdom Hearts!

yeah, i saw it sitting on my roommate's desk and it inspired me.
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acadia at 12:59AM, May 6, 2007
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Yay! I just noticed this thread. I won! =]

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Will at 5:25PM, May 12, 2007
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great pieces here, i especially love the kingdom hearts lookin' one.

i wouldve participated but im trying to remain neutral in the civil war… *cough*goriot*cough*

putting your own quote into your sig is the post pretentious and pathetic thing anyone could ever do.
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