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Black_Tigress at 4:52AM, Dec. 17, 2006
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Hello all.

I'm Black_Tigress call me BT if you will. ^_^ I'm a huge fan of anime and manga (i like saying both im that much of a crazed fan). My comics may take awhile to start up, but im busy with planning and working on all of em at once. So give me time and I'll try to upload em as often as i can.

^-^ adios!
“In the Darkness hear her calling, wait til the end and you're already falling.” – Black_Tigress
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subcultured at 7:31AM, Dec. 17, 2006
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shaneronzio at 9:48AM, Dec. 19, 2006
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howdy BT
Updates Monday, Wenzday & FRIDAY
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