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mattwandcow at 9:52AM, March 18, 2008
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Hello, I am matt. I run Avatar of Fire(Click-ify the banner below!) I've been here since November and I'll reach 125 pages up fairly soon.

But heres the thing. In the middle of april, I'll be leaving for a 2 year mission for my church. I'll be away from internets for about 100 weeks. A bit more then that.

So I want to have an auto update go on whilst I'm gone (or most of it)

So heres the question. I have a story (page 1 goes up on the 24th I'm thinking)

How often should it update?

I can easily do once a week, but:

What day should it be?

these are the questions…
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Custard Trout at 10:19AM, March 18, 2008
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Bye then. Don't steal any precious artefacts.

It really doesn't matter which day you update on, it'll still take the same amount of time between them whichever one you choose.
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amanda at 11:22AM, March 18, 2008
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Hi, Matt! I'm surprised that your mission doesn't require you to leave everything else (like the comic) behind. They must be very lenient! ^.^ Good luck to you on that front. Also, any day is a good day to update! Um…how about Wednesday?
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mattwandcow at 11:25AM, March 18, 2008
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Well I won't be able to manage it. Thats why I have to switch to a once a week. That way I can build readers without micromanaging.
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Steely Gaze at 12:47PM, March 18, 2008
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Well goodbye, take care of yourself.

As to what day you should update, well I figure that's up to you. Monday's always a reliable choice. Whatever day works best in your opinion.
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crazyninny at 1:22PM, March 18, 2008
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Update ever minute of the day.
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trevoramueller at 9:00AM, March 19, 2008
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