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Hello- My first forum post: About the artist (The World of Witt)
The World of Witt at 1:27AM, May 27, 2007
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Born in 1971 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the time Scott was 10 he had lived in Maryland, New York City, Brownville, Maine, and Morris, NY. Scott grew up the youngest of three boys- his mother, a radialogical nurse, is up for Sainthood! His dad started out in the Army, and later became an Episcopal Priest, which allowed him to be a part-time stay at home dad. Scott's dad often referred to Scott and one of his older brothers, Drew, as Toadie and Grunt.

Scott attended The School at Church Farm in Paoli, PA for middle and high schools where he farmed pigs and learned to draw (thanks Mrs. Sanderson!).

From there, Scott went on to attend Elmira College in Elmira, NY. He started out as an Education major, but actually graduated with a BA in Ceramics and Painting. In his Elmira days is where the origin of Toadie can be found. He did a one panel gag strip for the college paper, The Octagon, also titled the World of Witt, but it featured the character Igor, a ghoulish creature who was a servant, literally a toadie. After graduating college, the begginings of the character Toadie came to life and after 10 years of work on the characters, the world and the stories, you have todays incarnation of The World of Witt.

At Elmira, he met his wife, and muse, Margaret (a.k.a. Mugwort). They became friends, later dating, and after college getting married. They now live in Northern New Jersey with 2 other little inspirations, Jared and Morgyn. You guessed it, the current Toadie and his sister October. And no, Morgyn wasn't born in October!

I was putting my work up on MySpace but it is more a venue for blogs and making/meeting friends. I would get, at best., 50 - 60 page views there and had 56 “subscribers” to my blog. I find Drunk Duck to be much more rewarding a place to put my work. Thanks for reading about me. Stop by and check out my comic and let me know what you think of it! (unless you don't like it, then direct your comments to Bob, the homeless, glue sniffing, winged monkey)

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Cthulhu at 5:02AM, May 27, 2007
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Woah… You put up a history…
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D0m at 5:58AM, May 27, 2007
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I live in Hyattsville, PG county… I never heard of Fort Meade, though.

Nadya- a tale about what happens to SOME of us when we die.

Currently: Nadya is awake and asking more relevant questions.
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The World of Witt at 6:21AM, May 27, 2007
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I could have the spelling wrong, but I have passed it going to Va. once. It's (or was) an Army/Air Force base, if that makes any sense.
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maritalbliss at 8:00AM, May 27, 2007
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I too started with MySpace, you'll find a lot more traffic here and the community can't be beat…(They may ask you too, but that's really a personal call.) I'm Lynn, around your age and I also tend to write long posts…Although on the welcome forum, I try to keep it to a minimum. So, hi.
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