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Letterer Wanted For Wise Intelligence Mini-Series
Ryan McLelland at 2:11PM, Nov. 9, 2007
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I've had some fun posting the Wise Inteligence stories here from the various anthologies they've run in.

Now I'm prepping a three issue series. Plan is to try and pitch it to some of the tiny indy presses and if that doesn't work, self-publish the bad boy. It's written by me, Ryan McLelland (Newsarama, Philly, Hamster Vice) and drawn by Adam Talley (Pleasant Life).

All three issues are done sans some grayscaling and the lettering.

So I figured before going out into the world and looking for a letterer…I'd look on here and see if any DD'er might be up for the task. Little fame, little fortune, little acclaim…but a great big fun book to work on.

Hit me up here or better in a PM!

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