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Nancy the Necromancer needs an artist!
Aeon at 10:00AM, March 14, 2008
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Here's the deal. Nancy is an established comic (or was, before I went on the magical mystery hiatus last October,) and a former front page recommended comic (way back in February ‘07.) I love it dearly. It built quite a fan base in it’s time, and I'd like to keep it from falling off the face of the Duck.

But I don't have it in me to draw it anymore.

If anyone is interested in bringing high caliber art to the table and picking up where I left off, with me writing at least the current story arc to the finish, and then possibly alternating writing duties (if that's something the artist would be into,) PLEASE either PQ me or post in this thread. I can't offer any compensation, I just don't want to see Nancy die because I'm involved in other projects.

NOTE: I'm not looking for someone who draws just like me… that's no fun. But I don't want to compromise quality either: I need an artist who can draw recognizable versions of the characters with accurate anatomy.
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