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Need art? colors? sites? tones? Im the girl for you!
cetriya at 5:11PM, March 1, 2008
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here's what it is:

the “mind over manga” tour for aug 21-28
Its not so much that I want to go to japan, its more so that its the first opportunity to sell at one of their cons while have editors look through your stuff and seeing facial expression feedback. I know I'll learn a lot from this tour.

now I dont expect to get much donations though if you prefer, even 5cents a person can help. go here: and click on the donation button on top of the tag board

but I rather do commissions because I like to be challenge to do a ‘different type of thing or drawing’

my prices are:
5$ sketch
10$ ink and/or tone
15$ digital color
(little to no back ground for 1 character)
addtional character is 5$ plus
full background is 10$ plus

if you want me to do other related things like:
coloring comic pages 15$
toning pages or grey scale 5$
web site create 15-35$ depending on how much work

Another way is to shop at my shop:

any links to online job posting boards or if you can recommend me to others would be great!

Im not only going to do this though, Im going to try and get an office job on top of my overtime of school. Im going to do everything in my power to go AND bring the best comic work Ive ever done. I only have about 4months to do 50ish pages and make the money so please do help!

Im shortening my cons for this year so that I can go and ‘liquidating my inventory’. Some cons that I had plans for, Im going to volunteer to get my money back.

(side note, need someone to share with me for metrocon or even take over the table)

So I mean serious business!!!
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JustNoPoint at 6:13PM, March 1, 2008
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You need to close the url for your site link. =p

I'll donate as soon as I get paid again to help you out. I'll think of something you can do. Maybe some fan art… don't know yet.

I'll let you know after I pay =)
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cetriya at 10:26AM, March 2, 2008
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Thank you soo much! every bit of help counts!
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cetriya at 9:02AM, March 4, 2008
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business card design for 5$
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