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Need cameos for unique comic project
dark link at 1:00PM, Oct. 19, 2008
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the ‘Unique comic project’ in question is a sci-fi LEGO comic based in the universe of my second series of books (as yet unwritten and unpublished, and if you live in America, don't expect to see them soon, as I live in the UK).

But yeah, I need cameos. Give me a slight description, and I'll make the pieces if possible.

It's not a Halo-styled thing or anything. it's more modern-people stuck in a fantasy that started milenia ago. The protagonists are all teenagers, and there's 6 volumes of it.

Weaponry available: Plasma swords, plasma rifles, laser rifles, normal guns (handguns, machine guns, etc. etc.), normal swords

Thanks in advance. it may take a while to go up on the site.
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