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Used Books Cover Art Contest
usedbooks at 12:30PM, Sept. 12, 2009
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(This info is also posted here.)

In about a month I need to compile Volume 7 of my printed books. As the time creeps up on me, I realize I need to have a cover for this thing. I'd like to try something different.

Lots of people have cover art contests, and they are always so fun, so why shouldn't I? I always wanted to do some kind of fan art contest, and now I actually have a reason for one.

The rules are simple:

~ Should say “Used Books” somewhere on the cover.
~ Must be in color (or permit me to color it).
~ Must contain at least one Used Books character (more would be great).
~ Content should be relevant to the plot from Chapter 66 through and including Chapter 76.
~ Entries should be in decent resolution. I will post web-friendly jpeg versions, but higher resolution is needed for printing. (This is the template I used for previous covers and will resize the winning entry to these dimensions.)
~ Deadline is the end of the current chapter, page 760 (around a month).

And now for the incentives:

~ All entrants get my love and appreciation!
~ All entries will be posted temporarily in my comic and then moved permanently to the FanArt section.
~ There will be cameos in UB for all entrants. (It will be several months from now, but I need some crowds/extras in future chapters.)
~ Winner will have his/her cover on Volume 7 of my book with full credit (and any desired info) printed on the title page.
~ If winner can provide a mailing address, he/she will receive a free copy of Volume 7 (which is worth around $11), or if they prefer, something of similar value from my CafePress store (I can customize with a different graphic too).
~ If you like, in lieu of a copy of Volume 7, I can draw you fan art and/or provide a permanent banner link to your comic from both Used Books and Gelotology.

(I print with CafePress. The pages are in grayscale but the cover is in full color. Here are examples of my previous books.)
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Gillespie at 9:24PM, Sept. 12, 2009
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Sounds interesting. I might partake if I can think of something and when I got some free time.
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