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What do you do in an artistic slump?
Locoma at 11:08AM, Sept. 22, 2006
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You could Start a storyline, that would replace the "what to draw?" with "how to draw it?".
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Yroc at 4:21PM, Sept. 22, 2006
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just take a dump and scream really loudly to your favorite song. Then spin around in circles for a while….trust me, it's fun and it works ^_^
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Vaoni at 4:37PM, Sept. 22, 2006
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Me? I stay in that slump for about 6 months, followed by a small nervous breakdown. Then I'm usually fine.

I suppose that doesn't really help though…

Sounds like me :lol:
Ive never been able to get myself out of slumps :? and they drag on and on.
Am in one right now.. though doesnt exactly help that the finger i rest my pencil/pen/etc on has been slashed open and is painful as fuck.
Ho hum.

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