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[plug] Contest for Demon Eater!
JillyFoo at 9:50PM, June 4, 2009
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The contest is: Come up with a new outfit for Saturno (in grey human form ex: ex: )
Basically what you send me will be used in chapters 16-18.

Oh and there is MORE to it! You my readers YOU will be able to choose Saturno's gender through this contest! I'll be keeping a tally… if in the entry Saturno is wearing a girl's outfit I'll mark for female.:kitty: if in the entry Saturno is wearing a guy's outfit. I'll mark for male. B)
Which ever has the highest tally, male or female, Saturno becomes!

Sounds cool huh?

-Have the entry be.. a drawing of Saturno in the outfit or a photograph of you wearing the outfit. Prefer a drawing but if you can't draw photos work. (It also doesn't hurt for you to write to me why you want Saturno to be a girl or boy.)

-Have the entry safe for work please.

-You may send in as many entries as you like, BUT limit TWO entries that are dress up programs like gaiaonline per person.

-If the entry is difficult to tell if it's a guy's or girl's outfit I'll just tally for both.

-The contest ends… oh gosh probably in a year. I won't be able to get using the clothing designs until next year. BUT, let's say for the gender voting it will end on Aug. 15th 2009. You can still send clothing designs afterwords for me to use though.

-Send entries to jillyfoo(at)gmail(dot)com!

-Entries I get the most of for a gender.. male or female gets to have Saturno choose that gender for him or her self in chapter 16!

-My one favorite clothing design gets to have Saturno wear it in an extended scene and… some other awesome prize I haven't thought of yet.

-Edit: okay okay what is the “awesome prize I haven't thought of yet”? I'm thinking of mailing original art or a special DE print comic to them. Also the special winner(or winners) will find out Saturno's gender before the rest of the readers(hey I have to make the chapter surprising somehow).
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skoolmunkee at 2:15AM, June 6, 2009
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Moved to net/comm, I think it will get more publicity there :]
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JillyFoo at 11:26AM, Aug. 24, 2009
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Contest is over!
See entries here!
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