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[[Skullbie's MEGA THREAD]] Link/Tips to Everything: Poses, Guides, Anatomy, Fonts, Reference, Tutorials, etc.
Aurora Borealis at 4:13AM, April 19, 2009
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Fonts fonts fonts…

A lot of free font sites contain fonts that might not be appropriate for printing (due to license/copyright issues) which shouldn't be a problem for a web-only comic, but if your thing was ever going to be published on paper it's wise to pick up a font that you're sure is ok to be used in print.

Thus I suggest two sites. - Larabie fonts: 384 fonts for personal and commercial use. Manfred Klein Fonteria: not sure how many but there's probably couple of thousands of them. Let me quote from the website:

Manfred's fonts are free for private and charity use. They are even free for commercial use - but if there's any profit, pls make a donation to organizations like Doctors Without Borders.

There you go, my tiny contribution :D
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scaramoushe at 9:06AM, May 3, 2009
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Great tutorials there too

DeviantART has some great stock
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Senshuu at 12:49AM, June 13, 2009
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This list does not mention CG Textures, and it should. <3 Also, Absolute Textures may play a role in your website's design.

Male Hairstyles are a much-needed resource, although most of them come off looking androgynous. But they're all on men, so. <3

There are some broken links up there now, but not the majority, of course. Though I was sad to see that “funky-chickens” is no longer there. :(

Awesomeness here.
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Hunchdebunch at 10:36AM, July 29, 2009
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I don't know if this counts, but I've made a thread where people can ask me to put up different references from my folder. I've got lots of different stuff, expressions, poses, stuff for fight scenes, animals, furniture, etc.
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Swiftgold at 11:00PM, Oct. 24, 2009
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There was a mention of ImagineFX earlier in the thread, and I just wanted to add that if you go to “Workshops” on the website, it has over 130 tutorials, which also include the brushes, samples, and other support files needed. I learned so much when I was able to afford that magazine and it's great to be able to go back to older stuff from before I discovered it. It's not just digital painting either, but there are things about comics/manga also.
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johlin at 9:52AM, Dec. 1, 2009
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Coloring tutorials

Flat Colors:
This one has totally opened up my world. I was struggling to figure out how to keep Illustrator's nice lines while coloring without a brush. Life is easier now.

Lighting, Shading, Effects:
I haven't really tried this, but the end result looks niiice.
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Phereia at 12:03AM, Jan. 8, 2010
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for pose references I suggest (computer generated) or browsing through deviantart photos.

thanks for the list :)
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Brother Zag at 7:07PM, March 23, 2010
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I published an article earlier this year that covered taking your comic from idea to reality - including posting it on Drunk Duck.

I no longer write for the site that carried the column, so I've now put it up on my site. Hope it helps - I think it's in the spirit of this thread.

“Shut Up And Put Out Yer Comic Book”:
Info and Free Stuff at Glow-in-the-Dark Radio.
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korosu at 4:18PM, July 20, 2010
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I just found a great resource for simulating light sources, and just wanted to share it with everyone else:

Light Cage
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paul_houle at 10:57AM, March 11, 2011
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If you're looking for reference images of named entities (things like specific people, places, buildings, animal species and automobile and aircraft models) you might like the new site

Ookaboo: Free Pictures of Everything on Earth
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RainbowAurora at 11:00PM, April 27, 2011
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The Photovault websites looks very valuable. Someone else may have pointed this out already but is a broken link.
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RainbowAurora at 11:02PM, April 27, 2011
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Is it OK to reference photos like the ones on photovalet without crediting the photographer?
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Swiftgold at 9:50AM, May 7, 2011
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This is a big, detailed and very good tutorial about lighting - indoor, outdoor, different weather, different kinds - I've looked at lighting books and tutorials before, but this is the first one that really made it click for me, and it's definitely worth looking at!

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WhitewolfStormrunner at 12:48PM, Dec. 30, 2014
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This is definitely something that I can really use when working on my comics.  Thanks.
I'll be bookmarking this thread for future reference.
beyond23 at 2:13AM, April 9, 2017
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here is couple more links which will help you create comics - these are the new once;
create cartoons free
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astbenson at 6:30AM, July 13, 2017
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Here is another online tool where you can create face avatar just for free
shawnivan110 at 2:47AM, March 13, 2018
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Hi friends,

If you really want to edit or retouch your photos with professionals, so click on Photo Retouching Expert.

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