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Green_Tangerine at 11:51PM, Feb. 20, 2007
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I'm having a hard time with this one. Really. I want it to be as good as it is in my head, but it's just not coming out right. There's a bit of emotional investment in this one, but it needs a freakin' joke. At least one.

Script - yep
Sketches - yep
Pencils - yep
Inks - yep
Scanned - yep
Panels - yep
Colors - yep
Shading - yep
Backgrounds - yep
Text - yep

Total = 100%
Status = One day late… If you're laboring under the assumption I keep to any kind of update schedule.

Synopsis= I prance around, talking about how you shouldn't listen to nasty gossip and backstabbing… But do I practice what I preach? Not really.
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