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Aussie_kid at 11:57PM, Feb. 16, 2007
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Welcome to the official WotN board. Talk about whatever your heart desires, ask whatever questions your mind ponders.

Any way, this is where I'll address the rules and such. But first, and most important of all, donation info.

1. Why should I donate?

Well, Jayfri needs cash to quit his late shift job and … oh! You want to know what you get. So far, here's what we're offering

$3 - Jayfri will draw anything you ask for

$5 - You get the next 3 pages that are to be updated. However, if you don't want this, you can get a past donation poster or wallpaper (From February 2007 to now)

$7 - The poster or wallpaper for this month. Warning, these are NSFW which is why they aren't readily available on the site

$10 - The scripts that I have written for chapter 4 (Until chapter four comes around, then it will be for chapter five, etc.)

$15 - A sneak preview of a new project coming from Jayfri and myself. This is also NSFW in it has a lot of sexual acts

$20 - For five days, the update schedule becomes daily. I recommend donating around Friday or Saturday so that when the money clears, you get the five updates, plus when we go back to the usual schedule, you get the next Thursday and Saturday updates.

$30 - Jayfri or I help you with your comic for a month

$50 - Jayfri and I will help you with your comic for two months

$100 - The both of us help out your comic for 6 months

Warning: These will probably change as the comic goes on.

2. How will you send me my rewards?

Once the money clears, I will send you an email asking what you wish for. Send a reply saying what you want and as long as you have paid enough, you'll get it almost instantly

3. I want more than one thing on the list? Is this allowed

As long as you pay for it, you could get the entire list for all I cared. In fact, you only have to pay $50 to obtain everything on that list that is priced under $30 (From the comission to the 5 updates)

4. What payments do you take?

Anything Paypal accepts

5. I don't trust you Herbert. I want to pay to your artist

He has a button on His myspace so go donate there if you think I'm untrustworthy (Don't know why you would though, since I'm the one who has all the incentives)

6. I want something that's not on the list

Depends on what it is. Just PQ me with what you want and I'll see if it can happen. If so, I'll come up with a price

7. Who gets the money?

Everything goes 50-50 between me and Jayfri usually. Depending on the incentive, one may get a bonus 10% (Probably him since most of the incentives are art). For donations under $5, Jayfri gets it all (Since the only thing is a comission and I'm not doing anything)

8. What incentives will there be in the future?

Well, the published version of the comic. Next year we might make a calender. There will also be the next project: No Angel - Innocence

9. I have questions that didn't appear here

Ask them on this topic then.

Forum Rules

Basically, what you're expected to do with DD. No flaming, no spam, etc. I want every one to enjoy themselves here

Comic Info:

We update Tue-Thu-Sat. The comic is currently being looked at by several publishing companies which, hopefully, one of which will take us. Otherwise, it'll go on my ‘Lulu’ account. So far, I'm thinking there'll be 3-5 books

Will update this post later

Until next time
The Aussie Kid
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