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1. How did this comic start?
While working for the Silverton High School newspaper (At that time The Marmot) I was encouraged by our paper's advisor, Ms. Gibson, to provide more visual content to help cut down on the amount of clipart beinng used in the paper. During my Junior year I produced a total of 21 strips, one of which was published. I then continued making strips when I went to college in my Senior year, mostly for my friends and me. It has continued as a past time of mine to this day.

2. What the deal with the title?
Originally the comic's title was Teen Rights. The Marmot did not print very regularly and there was often doubt as to when a new issue of the paper would come out, meaning I rarely had a strip ready in the necessary digital format when it came time to print. The lack of printing combined with the knowledge that I was producing plenty of strips led to a rumor among some of the student body that my srips were controversial (this was true of only three strips, which lampooned our principal/superintendant Doctor Ranney). Being the sort of asshole I am, I changed the name of the strip to Pornography for the Soul, a name that sounded suffiently controversial for a high school paper.

3. Will you ever post up the old strips?
I'm actually working on scanning and cleaning up all of the pre Drunk Duck strips for when I'm away at boot camp. This has unfortunately menat fewer strips in the here and now. It is still a benefit, however, as you should get around 13 weeks of updates while I'm away.

4. I don't get the joke/reference/whatever. Is it an inside joke?
Yes and no. Because many of the recent strips were produced for the audience of Adams State College there are some gags that were specific to events on the campus. There are also some gags that are specific to college life in general, and things going on in the American media. While I have tried to keep the strip somewhat universally accessible there were just some things going on locally that needed to be discussed. I have recently been linking to the news article if it's something more obscure.

5. What's the deal with all the literature stuff?
I'm an English major/teacher. You write about what you know.

6. Why are all the character's so two-dimensional?
It's a gag strip. That doesn't leave much room for character development. If you read closely you'll notice that certain characters ask certain types of questions and give certain types of answers. I do have outside lives for these characters, but they haven't made too many entrances into the world of the comic, as each strip would take about 30 seconds of real time and is self contained.
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