Sacred Code: Overview of Vampire the Masquerade Comic

How this hole thing started....
ar_yuki at 2:28AM, March 18, 2007
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In 1994 I`ve finished High School.
I`ve already know RPG, since 1992. I used to play Dungeons&Dragons with my brothers (4)
Yeah, I was the only girl among my brothers. But that wasn`t a problem.

I always liked to play boys games: soccer, cards, GI Joe…I didn`t like so much girls things….dolls, cosmetics, clothering…T_T
I am still a disaster to choose a dress to date with my boyfriend.
He chooses all the clothes for me…(I had to confess that I realy like this part…..)
Even my shoes he chooses.

To play boy games wasn`t my choice…it was more a “culture”: live among boys is make part of this world. How many times we play together? I`ve always pay attention to their preferences…I always be jealous with their girlfriends.

I`m just used to be among boys…Talk about men things…To play RPG was just the begining of my terror…and my salvation.
In 1994 I`ve tried to enter the UNiversity. Failed.
So, I`ve studied one year to try again…so, I`ve met Fabiano. He was amazing….I was in love about him.
He liked Comics!!! Just the same as I used to read!!! I didn`t believe….It was a dream.

He told me about a new RPG, called Vampire: The Masquerade. Then I`ve tried to play…
My world has change since then….

Every session we played I thought: “this can be a good comic!”
In 1996 I`ve tried again to enter University. This time, I`ve got it.
Fabiano didn`t get it. He started to date with my friend Daniela…..
This almost kill me………….

After that, I`ve started to date with Cristiano. (I still think of him…even today…..I hope HIRO don`t read this…)
This was the begining of Sacred Code stories….

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