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I got Negima 15 an hour or two ago.
MangaWriter at 3:19PM, Sept. 3, 2007
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I have to say, Negima 15 was fantastic. The story is heating up, and with Akamatsu-sensei you're never disappointed. The art is beautiful, the action sequences rock, and the story is completely wonderful.

Still working on that flash, by the way. Just in case you care. Which you don't.

I've been thinking about ditching the comic and making HTBAF a flash anime. Or maybe I'll do both. I dunno. I find drawing on the tablet is a bit easier when you do it with Flash, but… I may or may not do it.

Oh, and I'm working on a musical project. When I'm done recording a few songs, I'll probably upload them and post them here. Just so you can hear my horrible voice singing to songs that make no sense! :nerd: w00t!

But actual progress with these multiple projects is a little while off. I'm off to gaze at Negima 15. It's so wonderful. 8D
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