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tripleL at 7:25PM, May 4, 2008
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Not only am I done with school, but I'm done with my part-time job and have gotten pretty close to everything I wanted to do done. ahhhhh…time to relax. And make more comix, hopefully. I've got about two weeks off ‘till I’m off again. This time I'm off to ALASKA! woo! As soon as I get there I swear I'm going to go straight to the Chena Hot Springs and get myself a nice massage while I'm at it. I really recomend it if you're ever in Fairbanks. Great place, that.

And then when I get back (after a week, I'm visiting someone, not living there) I'm off to school again. I'm tryin' to get school done as fast as possible. Plus, I'll be new to the school I'm going to, so taking summer classes before normal classes start up will give me a good chance to settle in. My last school was incredibly strict (a military academy, if you must know), so my only worry about this new school is that people will get on my nerves. I've been told they can sometimes be a bit…eh, snotty, mebbe? But anyway, fun times ahead.

On the other hand, you have different fingers! :D
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